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Single Family Home

“He is the only person we would ever consider for another project and he is the only reason we would even consider another project!”

When we decided to build a home, the only memories we had was of a renovation with a contractor that was the typical nightmare many experience, poor workmanship, cost overruns and a project that was over budget and late in being delivered.

When we choose Tony Longo Management to build our home we were obviously apprehensive and unsure. While we solicited three bids for our plans, Mr. Longo’s was not the low bid, but certainly more transparent, clear and lacking in “hidden costs”. Furthermore, Mr. Longo- or “Tony” showed his desire for earning the job by providing additional insights on the plans and the costs along with important insights on navigating the bureaucratic red tape of the town government prior to us making our decisions. One key attribute is that Tony Longo finds solutions that are a win win for the homeowner and his company. You always feel like he is fair and well intentioned whenever a “problem” emerges during a project.

Tony Longo was able to bring our job in under budget, earlier by three months than anticipated, and we moved out of our home in August, he was there the next day to knock down our old house and was pouring a new footprint and basement a week or later. The quality was like he built the home for his own family, ensuring it was well insulated and no air seepage along with walls as trued and straight to ensure that everything fit just right.

When we arrived back in our home in May only nine months after moving out to have an entire home demolished and built from the ground up, nothing but smiles crossed each of our children’s faces and best of all my wife’s. The process was fast and thorough, but the teams Tony had in place to construct our home were diligent, timely and above all highly efficient. He made a challenging task, achievable and allowed my wife and family to realize her dreams in manner that was pleasing and as stress free as possible.

The post construction period almost one and a half years later, the home is still functioning well and the appearance is wearing well. Tony Longo’s follow up is timely and he is still always finding a solution to any potential problem we uncover. We highly recommend Tony Longo Management for any construction project large or small!!!! He is the only person we would ever consider for another project and he is the only reason we would even consider another project!! Feel free to email me at

Brad Cohen,
Greenwich, CT


Single Family Home

“Tony is committed, honest, and attentive to details. He finished ahead of time and on budget… Christine and I are thrilled with Tony and feel fortunate to have chosen him to build our house.”

We would be willing to bet not many couples throw a surprise party for their builder upon completion of their new home. We did. We worked with Tony’s wife, Rosie, to put together a list of his best friends and family and invited them all over for a blow-out surprise party at our new house that doubled Tony over as he walked in the door. Why? Because we felt like we owed him a big “Thank You.”

We moved out of our house in May, 2010 one week before demolition and moved back in our new home six months later right before Thanksgiving and four months before the lease ran out at our rental house (we were expecting a 10 month build). Only an incredible amount of hard work and attention to detail could have made that happen. Tony was at our house everyday, and he didn’t act like a GC. He acted like he was building his own house and this is Tony’s best quality… he cares.

Tony is committed, honest, and attentive to details. He finished ahead of time and on budget. There was not one issue that came up as a surprise and when obstacles did come up, they were discussed holistically and handled quickly. We started the relationship with Tony crossing all the “t’s” and dotting all the “i’s” and ended it with him having a duplicate of our credit card. Two years later, the house has withstood windstorms, floods, and snowstorms. We have not lost a single shutter or shingle. Our basement has not leaked a drop.

Obviously, Christine and I are thrilled with Tony and feel fortunate to have chosen him to build our house. In our first meeting, Tony told us that his goal would be that we would become better friends at the end of the job then at the beginning — again that was just another promise paid in full.

Christine and Dan Kraninger
Greenwich, CT 06831


Single Family Home

“It is truly rare these days to find someone who takes so much pride in what they do.”

Amy and I just wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with our new home! When we first thought about hiring someone to do this project, we didn’t really know what to expect having never done a remodel or major renovation of any type. From the first day we met you in our (old) kitchen, we knew you would be the right person to help us manage our project. Now that we are finished, we are both in agreement that we couldn’t have made a better choice.

Your attention to the detail and suggestions throughout the project, transformed a pretty nice looking drawing, into a tremendous new home. We know that because we opted to work with you, our home, is far better constructed and is much more beautiful than it would have been if we hired someone who just worked “off the plan”. In particular, your suggestion of the much more detailed exterior trim absolutely made a world of difference. This and so many other “little things” that you thought of and just did because it was the right thing to do, provided us comfort that you were on top of everything. It really showed how much you care about your work and the people you work with.

It is truly rare these days to find someone who takes so much pride in what they do. During the project, several neighbors commented to us about your dedication to our project, your hustle on the job site and just how efficient and timely a job you ran. This was not news to us as we also saw this first hand everyday. Your accessibility, via e-mail and phone as well as your constant oversight is really amazing. We completely respect your work and your work ethic.

Our meetings were very helpful in gauging the progress of the overall job and of the budget we came into the project with. I can say with confidence, we could not have done everything that we did in this house and to this house based on our budget with someone else building this home. I can also say with confidence, no one could have done it faster! You basically built a brand new house in four and a half months.

As we said a few times throughout this project, we never thought this house would look as beautiful as it does. We knew it would be nice, but no where near as great as you helped make it. It is amazing to walk down the street toward our house and admire that this is in fact our home. You played a huge part in that and we are very grateful for all you did for us.

If we are ever asked to recommend someone to manage their construction, renovation or project we will certainly recommend you with confidence and if you ever need to have someone contact us to discuss working with you, please pass along our number. You were a pleasure to work with and you exceeded our expectations.

Nick and Amy Carriello
Greenwich, CT


Multi Family Home

“We are very pleased and can’t thank you enough. Mike and I sing your praises and hope to do more projects with you in the future.”

When Michael and I decided to demolish and reconstruct a 2 family dwelling at 68 Northfield Street in Greenwich Ct, we were faced with the biggest challenge of finding a general contractor who we could trust and felt comfortable with, someone knowledgeable and reliable who could work at our fast pace, be neat and organized, and run the job smoothly and efficiently, while keeping good harmony among the contractors. We wanted the job complete and ready for tenant occupancy in six months from the start date..a challenge you took on with pride and confidence.

Upon our initial interview and meeting, there was an instant connection. You proved to be a total pleasure to work with and your professional disposition and attitude went a long way for us. You kept everyone on their toes, had the contractors lined up in a timely fashion and as promised, delivered a complete project in the time frame agreed upon.

We are very pleased and can’t thank you enough. Mike and I sing your praises and hope to do more projects with you in the future.

Tina Ceci


During very strong winds on January 2013 half of our home was struck down by a large oak tree which fell on top of the house. The roof and ceilings collapsed thereby forcing our immediate evacuation. We needed a reliable general contractor to take charge of the rebuilding operations.

Anthony Longo is a diligent, responsible and well respected GC in our area. He has built many residences and commercial structures. His reputation for prompt service and skillful workmen has earned him the respect of those who have chosen him as their GC.
Throughout this past winter and every day until completion, Anthony was at our house supervising, picking up supplies for his men, and sharing his high spirited conviviality with all. The working atmosphere was always positive.

After 6pm on one very cold, dark evening, Anthony called his workers and joined them himself on the roof to reinforce a temporary tarp for protection against an impending snowstorm. He is an effective team leader as well as a “team player.”

We unequivocally recommend Anthony Longo for any project. His high energy level, sense of humor, and cheerful personality have remained constant throughout our traumatic experience. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding his capabilities or trustworthiness.

Karl and Barbara Schulze
Greenwich CT 06831