During very strong winds on January 2013 half of our home was struck down by a large oak tree which fell on top of the house. The roof and ceilings collapsed thereby forcing our immediate evacuation. We needed a reliable general contractor to take charge of the rebuilding operations.

Anthony Longo is a diligent, responsible and well respected GC in our area. He has built many residences and commercial structures. His reputation for prompt service and skillful workmen has earned him the respect of those who have chosen him as their GC.
Throughout this past winter and every day until completion, Anthony was at our house supervising, picking up supplies for his men, and sharing his high spirited conviviality with all. The working atmosphere was always positive.

After 6pm on one very cold, dark evening, Anthony called his workers and joined them himself on the roof to reinforce a temporary tarp for protection against an impending snowstorm. He is an effective team leader as well as a “team player.”

We unequivocally recommend Anthony Longo for any project. His high energy level, sense of humor, and cheerful personality have remained constant throughout our traumatic experience. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding his capabilities or trustworthiness.

Karl and Barbara Schulze
Greenwich CT 06831